Caesar's War Cabinet 

Freeze Date: 10 Jan, 49 BCE. 

Agenda: Victory in the Civil War 

Against: The Optimates War Council 

Salvete Delegatis,

Caesar’s War Cabinet will divulge into a critical aspect of the Roman History, Id Est the Roman Civil war, and the Last war of the Republic. Fought across 3 continents and with the largest armies ever assembled in the Ancient World, This war Cabinet will be directing and assisting the actions of Gaius Julius Caesar, a Prominent Roman General and Politician. With a freeze date of 10 January 49 BCE, the delegates will be ushered into an Era with open conflict and strong Political subversion. It will be composed of Caesar’s Political Allies, Legion Commanders, and other pivotal Portfolios. It will be fighting against the War cabinet led by Pompey Magnus.

The Committee starts when the Point of No Return has been Reached. Caesar, Campaigning in Gaul (France) for 9 years, had managed to not only establish Roman Rule in the region but to create his own Powerbase. Supported by 10 Legions and a Capable Sub-ordinate, Caesar was perhaps the strongest and most famous person in Rome, rivaled only by Pompey Magnus. After the failure of the Triumvirate between Crassus, Pompey, and Caesar and the Death of the Former, a conflict of interest was brewing.

On January 10, 49 BC, commanding the Legion XIII, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River Quoting a famous Greek Play, Alae Iacta Est (The die is cast), the boundary between the province of Cisalpine Gaul to the north and Italy proper to the south. As crossing the Rubicon with an army was prohibited, lest a returning general attempt a coup d’état, that triggered the ensuing civil war between Caesar and Pompey.

Through Various actions ranging from Strategic offensives to Political Assassinations, the delegates will utilize all resources of the Populares faction, to emerge victorious in this Conflict. At Stake is not only the Future of Rome but Europe itself.

The Risk is Great, But The Rewards Greater.

May the Eagle of Jupiter Fly Over a Victorius Battlefield,

Executive Board.

Dhruv Gandhi,

Julius Caesar 

Lakshav Singh Sambyal,

Political Advisor  

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