Bellum Civile Romanuum

(The Roman Civil War)

             Type:  Joint Crisis Committee 
           Freeze Date: 10 January 49 BCE

Greetings Honorable Delegates,
Welcome to the Roman Civil War. The once peaceful domain of Rome has been plunged into Civil War, with Legions from both sides being mobilized.
In the North, Caesar marches forth with the XIII Legion, Convening a War cabinet of his ablest and experienced Commanders and allies. With a Populist agenda, Caesar is poised to win the Hearts and Minds of the Roman People.  
In the South, The Optimates with Pompey at the Helm have convened a Supreme War Council of the Roman Republic. With all the might of Rome Behind them, surely, Victory is within grasp.
The Delegates have been allotted Portfolio’s in either of the Cabinets, in this Joint Crisis Committee, these two factions, contrasting in agenda and ideology, will fight over controlling the Roman Republic.
Through Various Crises and an innovative storyline, the Delegates will be able to determine the future of Rome.


Alea iacta est,

The Executive Board.  

Note: The Committee will be Divided into two Cabinets I.E Caesar's cabinet and the Cabinet of the Roman Republic. 

Board of Directors: 

Dhruv Gandhi,

Julius Caesar 

Karmanya Wahi,

Pompey Magnus 

Lakshav Singh Sambyal,

Political Advisor 

Caesar Bust.jpeg

War Cabinets 

Pompey Bust.jpg

Caesar's War Cabinet 

War council of the Roman Republic 


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